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Chats history

Chat - a means of exchanging messages over a computer networkin inreal time, as well as software to organize such a dialogue. A characteristic feature is the communication happening in real time or close to it that distinguishes chat from forums and other "slower" means. Today you can find plenty of free chat rooms no registration online . The word usually refers to a group chat communication, although they can be attributed, and exchange text "one on one" through instant messaging programs, for example, ICQ or yahoo messanger.


Historical "precomputer" predecessor chat, no doubt, was the phone. No mail or telegraph was not allowed to communicate in real time and were not available at home.The invention and spread of the phone on the planet has caused a revolution in the ways and means of communication. Opportunity to talk with someone on the other side of the Earth seemed a true miracle. In the second half of XX century computers began to flourish. For a long time they were too big expensive, that prevented the machine to spend precious time on the fun of instamessaging.


Ancestor of the Internet, network, ARPANET, in 1969 there were only four interconnected computer networks. Later, in 1971, the e-mail was created, which became extremely popular because of its convenience.Gradually, new messaging services, such as mailing lists, news groups and bulletin boards appeared. However, the ARPANET still could not communicate well with networks built on other technical standards, making it difficult to spread. Nevertheless, this problem was soon solved after upgrading networks to the communication protocol TCP / IP, which has been used successfully so far. It was in 1983, the term "Internet" has secured the network ARPANET.


A program for the exchange of text strings, despite the simplicity of the idea, did not appear immediately. Around 1974 to mainframe PLATO program was developed Talkomatic, potentially allowing thousands of terminals communicate with the system.1980-x system, Freelancing 'Round table, has appeared. But the really popular chat client was developed in 1988 by a protocol called Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Somewhere in that time the concept of "chat" has appeared and spread. Communication on IRC quickly became popular because of the simplicity of the process and friendly environment. In 1991, during Operation Desert Storm "was organized by the IRC-Broadcast News - from around the world gathered in one place and in real time transmitted to the IRC. The most famous of IRC clients became mIRC. MIRC-bots and bots are used for various games in the canals - "Mafia", "Quiz", and others.


In 1998, a similar appointment protocol Jabber was coined - even its name (born jabber chatter, Trepov; gibberish) refers to the word chat.Jabber to contain the many technical innovations, and gradually became widespread, and also became the basis for many services. There were other reports, less known, for example, SIP. In todays world, there is a great variety of different Chatting Rooms. Some of them are free chat rooms no registration. Many chat rooms provide web cam access. You can talk and see people from across the world.







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